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  • Gemstone Properties
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    Elizabeth Wagner

Gemstone Properties

Gemstone Properties
Amber Dreams Jewelry is a line of handmade natural gemstone and Baltic amber necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. Each piece is designed specifically with my customers needs in mind. While many of my pieces are designed with a specific purpose, gemstones and crystals have multiple properties that may be helpful. Enclosed you will find a list of the gemstones I typically use and how they may help to restore balance physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

Abalone shells have been found in archaeological sites around the world from Blombos Cave in South Africa to historic Chinese abalone middens on California's Northern Channel Islands. This gorgeous shell has been a sought after by collectors for centuries. It truly is beautiful and each piece is one of a kind. The Abalone shell has been tossed and turned in the ebb and flow of the ocean for many years. Through this process, its true beauty shines through. The Abalone shell is a perfect gift for those who have survived traumatic experiences, to let them know that while they may have been tossed and turned themselves, in the end, their true beauty shines for all to see.

Amber (Fossilized Tree Resin): Pain, Teething, Purifier, Luck, Detoxing, Hormones, Digestion, Acne, Infections, Healing, Calming, Absorbs Negative Energy, Depression, Grounding, Abused (Physical, Emotional, Verbal, Sexual)

Amethyst: Provides Safety, Helps with Homesickness, Business Success and Negotiations, Balances the Immune system, Hormones, Insomnia, Headaches, Migraines, Depression, Digestion, Addictions, Anger,  Centering, Grief, Anxiety, OCD, Balances Emotions, Calm and Focus, Self-Esteem, Addictive Behavior

Amazonite: Calms and Soothes the Mind, Nerves, Stress, Schizophrenia, Lack of Sexual Desire, Childbirth, Universal Love, Skin, Handle Negative Emotions, Manifest Hopes

Apatite: Good for teachers, communicators, trainers, writers, actors, singers, performers. Intellect, Seeing the Truth, Helps Aloofness, Mental Clarity, Arthritis, Suppresses Appetite, Understanding, Negativity, Accessing Inner self, Yin/Yang Balance, Vertigo, Weight Loss, Stutter, Peace.
Aquamarine: Protection, Brain, Study, communication, Courage, Calming, Compassion, Centering, Removes Blockages, Kidneys, Teeth, Eyes, Glands, Water Retention, Swelling, 
Aventurine: Calms, Soothes, Prevents Energy Sappers, Muscles, Lungs, Allergies, Adrenal Glands, Heart, Relaxation, Skin, Relieves, Fear/Anxiety, Brings Prosperity

Azurite/Malachite: Helps Ego, Conceit, Arrogance, Vanity, opens up to Individuality and New Ideas, Joints, Skin, Bones, Circulation, Digestion, Stress, Asthma, Congestion, Anxiety

Blue Lace Agate:  Lactation, Eyes, Nails, Calming, Speech, Communication, Gentleness, Bones, Tired Eyes, Arthritis, Skin Growths, Stammer, Emotional Balance

Carnelian: Bronchitis, Digestion, Blood, Anger, Envy, Jealousy, Energizer, Relieves Laziness, Courage, Fertility, Banishes Sorrow, Balances Sexual and Creative Energies, a "Feel Better Stone", Brings on Vitality, Self-Esteem, Compassion, Personal Power, Helps Appetite, Eating Disorders, Anorexia, Respiratory Issues. 
Chrysocolla: Stress, Digestion, Metabolism, Hips, Joints, Lungs, Assists with the development of baby, PMS, Hormones, Diabetes, Blood Pressure, Cramps, Muscles, Arthritis, and Lungs
Chrysoprase: "Feel Better Stone", Mental Health and Healing, Clears Mental Fog, Emotional Balance, Anxiety, Depression, Broken Heart, Acceptance of others and Self acceptance, Inferiority, Fear, Stress, "blows away clouds covering your heart and lets you look into your soul", 
Citrine: Emotional Detox, Relationships, “Feel Better” Stone, Digestion, Eyes, Thyroid, Heart, Dissipates Negative Energy, Self-Control, Shields Solar Plexus “Gut Feeling”, Stomach Disorders, "releases the hurt you may feel as a result of other peoples words and actions." 

Coral: Promote Weight Gain, Emotions, Energy, Depression, Negativity, Combats The Fear of Impressing Others, Courage. Bones, Teeth, Digestion, Circulation, Malnutrition, Lethargy, Colic, Post-Operative Healing

Diopside: Compassion, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, Soothing Emotionally, Mental and Emotional Healing, Knowledge, Learning, Speech, Dyslexia, Headaches, Blood Pressure, Eating Disorders, Obsessive Behavior, Addictions, Stress, Anxiety, Relaxation, Open your heart and heal

Fire Agate: Inspiration, Emotional Control, Release Fear

FluoriteBrings order to chaos, decision making, concentration, relationships, eating disorders, promote weight gain, detox, anorexia and bulimia, mediation, over excitement, stress, colds/flu. 

Green Fluorite: Clears negativity, stomach, intestines, colon, emotional upsets, cleanses the chakras, colitis, heartburn, sore throat, nausea, reflux.
Garnet: Blood and Anemia, Libido, Balances Sex Drive, Low Blood Pressure, Bones, Heart, Lungs, Courage, Awareness, Opens the Way for Change, Self-Devotion, Depression and Emotional Trauma

Hazelwood: Helps absorb acid and alkalizes the body, constipation, digestion, eczema, teeth, arthritis, nausea, heartburn, migraines and acid reflux
Hematite: Strength, Love, Courage, Anemia, Aches/Pains, Cramps, Insomnia, Nerves

Iolite: Reduces Fatty Deposits, Supports the Liver, Detoxing, Relationships, Money Management, Helps Irresponsibility, Facilitates Painless Change, Emotional Attachment, yin/yang balance, Living in the moment, Addiction, Alcohol-abuse, Fatigue, Cramps, Energy-balancing, Memory, Liver, Muscular/Skeletal, Revitalizing, Sleep, Abuse, Coping with big changes, Discernment, Intuition, Visualization

Jade:  Problem Solving, Skin, Heart, Bones, Hair, Digestion, Joints, Heart, Immune System, Muscles, Female Reproductive System, Fertility, High Blood Pressure, Infections, Period Pain, PMS, Compassion, Wisdom, Courage, Grounding, Brings Peace

Jasper: Helps Loneliness, Immune System Nerves, Digestion, Bile Ducts, Mineral Balance, Bronchitis, Backache, Cramps, Abdominal Pains, Colds, Flu, Jaundice, MS, Reaching your Goals

Jet: Stomach Pain, Migraines, Epilepsy, Common Cold, Calms, Depression, Fear
Kyanite: Throat, Muscles, Neurological System, Glands, Brain, Mental Stamina, Perseverance, Reason, Communication, Speaking Your Mind, "finding your voice," Weightloss, Calming, yin/yang balance, clears energy and mental blocks, Aging, Epilepsy, Muscle-Soreness, Stroke, Thyroid, Death/Transition, Emotional Blockages,
Lepidolite: Digestion, Nerves, Childbirth, Constipation, Addiction, Stress, Calming, Transitions (Death/Dying) Distrust, Depression, Addictive Personalities, Transitions. 

Labradorite: Inspiration, Intuition, Digestion, Eyes, Anxiety/Stress                                                                                     
Lava Stone: Grounding, Calming, Stone of Rebirth, Strength, Courage

Lapis Lazuli: Depression, Relaxation, Immune System, Bones, Vertigo, Hearing, Detox, Backache, Mental Endurance and Creativeness,, Insomnia, Skeletal Pain, Illness, Muscles, Broken Bones/Fractures

Moonstone: Wisdom, Passion, Change, New Beginnings, Childbirth, Fertility, Female Support, PMS, Blood, Hair Skin, Eyes, Constipation, Safe Travels, Absorbing Nutrients, Detox, Pregnancy, Menopause
*June Birthstone, Wisdom, Passion, Change, New Beginnings, Blood, Hair Skin, Eyes, Liver, Pancreas, Pineal Gland and Hormones, Constipation, Safe Travels, Absorbing Nutrients, Detox, Stress, Aides in Personal Growth and Strength, Provides Calmness, Inspiration, and good fortune in love and Business.

Morganite: Wisdom, Clear Thoughts, Helps you see different perspectives, healing, blood, chest conditions, asthma, tb, emphysema, calming, good for love, meditation, fills the space left in the heart by loss through broken relationships or death, helps to overcome fear, anger, resentment, grief, loss, guilt, shame, promotes independence in women, lungs, nervous system, stress relief, encourages loving thoughts and opens one up to receiving love from others

Onyx: Decision Making, Luck, and Happiness in the Home, Bone Marrow and Feet, Grief, Lack of Self Control

Opal: Fever, Memory, Calming, Comforting, Happiness, Inflexibility, Insecure-Feelings, Release-Fear, Soothing, Stubbornness, may encourage happy dreams and changes. Self Acceptance, Self Love, Self Importance 
Peridot: Mental Health, Balance Ego, Stress, Anger, Jealousy, Depression, Lethargy, Emotional Blocks, May help one to “Feel Better” both Emotionally and Physically. Combats Laziness, Breaking Bad Habits, Aides during Labor, Digestion, may help with Crohn’s Disease, Addictions, Eyes, Cancer, Acidity, IBS, Ulcers and Weight Gain, Nausea 

Rhodonite: Mental Balance, Calming, Unconditional love, Self-love, Anxiety, Confusion, Stress, Heart, Bones, Schizophrenia, ME, Arthritis, Emphysema

​Rose Quartz: Creativity, Calming, Forgiveness, Love, Eases Anger and Stress, Fear, Grief, Comforting. Complexion, Cold/Flu, Fertility, Female Support/Menstrual Cycle, Adrenal Glands, Heart, Blood, Circulation, Kidneys, Spleen, Aches and Pains, Burns, Sex Drive, Detoxing, Vertigo, a bubble bath for the emotions, helps resentment and the feeling of being emotionally wounded.
Sapphire: Stomach, Emotional Balance, Desire, See the Beauty Around You, Depression, Unhappiness, Hormones, Heart, Glands, Back, Infections, Nausea, Boils, Fever, Joy, Fun, Intuition, Wisdom, Ambitions, Dreams, Goals, 

Seraphinite: Weight-loss, Depression, Discover Your Purpose, Clears Blockages, Protective, Balance, Strength, Detoxing, Infection, Cancer, Cell-regeneration, Chills, Vitamin absorption, Joy, Self-healing, Inner-happiness, Personal Fulfillment, Promotes Peace

Sodalite: Brings Order and Calm, Metabolism, Insomnia, Autism, Diabetes, Development of Babies, Creativeness, Lymphatic System, High Blood Pressure, Aging, Calcium Deficiencies

Snowflake Obsidian: Digestion, Sinuses, Stomach, Anger, Loneliness, Detox, Eyes, Skin, Bones, Veins, Resentment, Relieves Self-Pity, Helps one Find their own strength.
Sunstone: Fear, Stress, Protection, Strength, Energy, Throat, Cartilage, Feet, Spine, Ulcers, Poisoning, Rheumatism, Arthritis, Aches, Body Odor, Motivation, Vitality, Empowerment, Digestion, Stomach, Happiness, Harmony. 

Tiger’s Eye: Courage, New Beginnings, Intuition, “Gut Feeling”, Narrow Mindedness, Digestion, Gas, Nausea, Diverticulosis, Eyes, and Bones. Calm and Grounding, Reduces Rear, Depression, Negativity, Introversion

Tourmaline: Inspiration, Awareness, Calming, Self-Confidence, Release Fear, Balance, Removes Blockages and Obstructions Emotionally, Combats Breakdowns and Worries, Inner Self, Yin/Yang Balance, Focusing Energy, Mental Health and Healing, Schizophrenia, Low Blood Pressure, Detoxing, Bladder, Lymphatic System, Dissipates Negativity, Creativity, 

Turquoise: Emotional Balance, Peace of Mind, Mental Clarity to Find Your Purpose. Muscles, Circulation, Absorb Nutrients, Detox, Weight Gain and Wind Pain, Headaches, Courage, Communication, See the Beauty Around You

​Unakite: Encourages healthy weight gain, Fertility, Grief, Pregnancy, Health of Developing Baby, Living in the Moment and Accepting the Past, Good for overcoming self imposed blocks, Allows you to move forward, balances emotions and grief over the loss of an idea/dream/goal/concept/loved one. 

Disclaimer: **These statements have not been approved by the FDA, I can not guarantee any results. These pieces are not intended to replace the treatment and guidance given by a professional doctor. They are to be used in conjunction with a trained  healthcare professional.
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  • Post author
    Elizabeth Wagner